10 High Nutrient Sorghum Gellan Gum Custom Petri Dishes

10 High Nutrient Sorghum Gellan Gum Custom Petri Dishes

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10 custom made to order Petri dishes with a sorghum syrup gellan gum base. Basic recipe is 20g/L of sorghum syrup and 15g/L gellan gum. Sorghum syrup is rich in sugars and has good growth. Choose yeast or peptones for enhanced growth. High nutrient recipe is 30g/L of sorghum syrup and 15g/L of gellan gum. This will have more aggressive growth.

I recommend high nutrient and optional add Peptone.

*Disclaimer: Sorghum syrup base can cause gellan gum to not have the same clarity as a fungal or potato dextrose base.*

The dishes are heat sealed in shrink plastic in set of 10. If you want sealed individually please purchase Seal Package and select options for each set of 10 dishes. Each set of petri dishes includes parafilm.

Plates are at 7 pH for standard plates. If you want adjusted please purchase pH package for each set of 10. Some species perform better at 5 pH but not all species.

Tip of the Cap disclaimer: These are custom made to order Petri dishes, you choose the media for your purposes. Different media will perform differently with different strains and growth type is not predictable with thousands of combination options. Random dishes are available with multiple media types to see what your cultures prefer. Please explore different media types before committing to a large number of Petri dishes your cultures may not perform well on. Petri Dishes are sealed in sets of 10, open with care. You can remove dishes singly from packaging to keep remaining dishes sealed from contamination. Please check packages for any issues with the product or contamination upon arrival. Store plates in an upright position in a cabinet along inner wall for consistent temperature, or a cooler to keep temperatures constant. I do not recommend storing plates for more than a month or in the refrigerator.